'Doctor Who' Review: Episode 5.07, 'Amy's Choice'

Doctor WhoEpisode Title: "Amy's Choice"

Written By: Simon Nye

Story: The Doctor, Rory and Amy find themselves bouncing back and forth between two different worlds, uncertain of which is reality and which is a dream, only knowing that they must discover the truth before disaster occurs in both worlds.

Are they really on the TARDIS, or is The Doctor visiting his former companions in their new, quiet lives?

The Who, What and How: Simon Nye makes his "Doctor Who" debut with this episode, and the story features a very clever narrative that plays with the audience's perception of reality as much as it does the characters. While the whole thing really serves as an analysis of Amy's struggle to reconcile her feelings for The Doctor and for Rory, it manages to also provide two very cool, very fun adventures with The Doctor.

In one narrative, we get a nice tour of the TARDIS that's also a great reminder of how criminally under-used the Doctor's time-and-space-traveling ship has become as a setting for episodes.

In the other "world," we start off with a mystery that turns into an enjoyable "run away from the scary aliens" adventure, only to end with a truly tragic, sobering examination of The Doctor's effect on the people around him.

Toby Jones is a appropriately diabolical as the Dream Lord, and also serves up some of the episode's funnier moments. In fact, much of the cast is big on the funny during this episode, peppering the episode with clever dialogue and witty exchanges.

One complaint about the episode, however: I'm not sure I understand exactly what happened with the trio. I know there was some psychic pollen involved, but The Doctor's closing explanation seemed a bit too rushed for my tastes, and left me hunting for information online.

Final Word: This episode felt like two good adventures crammed into a single story, and maybe that explains why the end felt a little rushed. Outside of the finale, though, this was a great character-development episode, and really seemed to bring Rory into the fold as a legitimate traveling companion for The Doctor.

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