EXCLUSIVE: 'Spider-Man' Musical's Star To Be Fitted For Costume Today!

News involving the "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" musical hasn't exactly been optimistic lately, with previously cast Green Goblin actor Alan Cumming and the show's Mary Jane Watson actress Evan Rachel Wood both leaving the production after multiple delays.

However, lead actor Reeve Carney is still planning to make his debut as Peter Parker this fall, and shared some details about it when he dropped by MTV HQ this afternoon with his band, Carney. In fact, the musician-turned-actor said he's trying on the Spider-Man suit today!

"No joke — right after this, I'm going to get fitted for my Spider-Man suit," he told MTV News. "As soon as I put this microphone down... This is actually not a joke."

Before he exited the building to try on his Spidey suit, Carney revealed how he landed the gig — and how the rest of the band will make their debut in the production, too.

"We were playing at the Mercury Lounge here in New York," said Carney of the first time he met "Turn Off The Dark" director Julie Taymor. "At that gig, she said, 'You'd be perfect for my film 'The Tempest.'' I said, 'I don't act. Don't you need an actor for this movie?' She said, 'Yes, [and] I think you can act.'"

One thing led to another, and Carney turned his "Tempest" role into an upcoming turn as Marvel's friendly neighborhood wallcrawler — and a chance to rub elbows with U2 bandmates Bono and The Edge, who composed the musical's score.

"This is a great opportunity with 'Spider-Man,' because it allows our band to relocate to New York and to be involved with Bono and The Edge and Julie Taymor," said Carney. "It's crazy."

"We actually auditioned over a couple of days with the music and the whole thing, and thankfully they liked the direction we were taking it," said Reeve's bandmate and brother, Zane Carney. "I believe we're actually playing on stage at some point during the show, too."

As for the production's much-discussed troubles, the brothers seemed confident that the "Spider-Man" musical would swing into action this fall. The pair added that they performed one of the songs penned by Bono and The Edge at today's New Dramatists Luncheon here in Manhattan.

"We just performed a song over across the street, the world premiere of some of the music Bono and The Edge wrote for the show," said Reeve.

"It was really fun... it was cool," agreed Zane, who added that the band will likely be playing shows throughout Manhattan during much of the musical's run.

"If you like Spider-Man, you're going to love Carney," said Reeve.

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