Neil Gaiman Offers 'Graveyard Book' Movie Update, Says First Screenplay 'Too Faithful' To Book

Way back in October 2008, Neil Gaiman first broke the news to MTV that his children's story "The Graveyard Book" was being adapted into a live-action movie. Since then, the book has gone on to win numerous awards, and nabbed screenwriter/director Neil Jordan ("The Brave One") to write and direct the adaptation.

When I caught up with Gaiman during the C2E2 convention in Chicago last month (he was there to speak on behalf of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund), I managed to get a brief update on the "Graveyard Book" movie.

"We are waiting for Neil's next draft of the script," Gaiman told MTV News.

As for the first draft, Gaiman indicated that it was "great," but he had some concerns about the screenplay being too faithful to the source material.

"There was some stuff that was good, and in some cases, too faithful," he said. "It reminded a little bit of the first draft we got of 'Coraline,' where it was just so faithful because the person doing it loved the book so much."

"You actually have to let it breathe and make it a movie," said Gaiman of the adaptation process. "It will be interesting to see what happens in Neil's next draft."

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