SECRET IDENTITY: Who Should Play Hank Pym In 'The Avengers' And 'Ant-Man'?

Director Edgar Wright's attachment to "Ant-Man" goes back quite a ways, but the movie isn't scheduled to hit until after "The Avengers" in 2012. Still, that's not to say that Hank Pym won't show up before his solo movie debut — in fact, there's a very good chance he'll show up right alongside Iron Man, Captain America and Thor in Marvel Studios' major team-up.

After the jump, we've compiled some of our favorite candidates to take on the role of Hank Pym, the size-changing scientific superhero better known as Ant-Man!

Chris Pine: Edgar Wright's involvement leads many to believe that Simon Pegg is a shoe-in for Pym, but I'd prefer his "Star Trek" co-star Chris Pine for the role. Pine has all of Pym's self-assuredness and even his occasionally fiery intensity. Plus, I like the idea of a younger Pym matching his scientific intellect against the older Tony Stark.

David Boreanaz: Mentioned as a solid pick during our lighthearted Joss Whedon-centric Secret Identity, David Boreanaz actually makes a lot of sense for Pym. He fits the bill physically, pulls off a brooding attitude better than many other actors and has the pre-established relationship with Whedon to boot. Other than his relatively few big screen credits, I can't think of many reasons to vote against Boreanaz.

Michael C. Hall: Although Hank isn't a serial killer pretending to be a functioning member of society, Michael C. Hall's "Dexter" experience still has tremendous value when it comes to playing Pym. Like Dexter, Pym can blend into normal civilization and even crack some witty one-liners while still harboring great rage inside of him. Hall is a master of that balance — he just needs the big screen opportunity to prove it to the masses.

Matthew Fox: With "Lost" nearly finished, Matthew Fox is free to pursue his career in Hollywood as a leading man. What better start to the post-"Lost" life than a role in a blockbuster feature like "The Avengers"? As Doctor Jack Shephard on the ABC series, Fox has demonstrated a wide range of emotions from cool-headed to unbridled fury. He's also well-versed in major action set pieces, something that's going to come in handy for any superhero film.

Nathan Fillion: Over the past weekend, rumors began circulating that Nathan Fillion is "pretty much locked to be Hank Pym." Although I'd prefer him for Clint Barton, I think the Whedon veteran works well for the size-changing superhero as well. If nothing else, I would throw my support behind Fillion just to see what he and Wright could cook up together — that sounds like a pretty foolproof creative team to me!

Tell us who you would cast as Hank Pym in the comments and on Twitter!

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