'Splice' Director Adds 'Alpha Flight' To List Of Superhero Movies He's Dying To Make

Alpha FlightWhile it looks like "Splice" (and "Cube") director Vincenzo Natali might have a little while to wait before he can make a movie about Alan Moore's "Swamp Thing" comics, DC's earthy hero isn't the only comic book property the filmmaker has his eye on.

When MTV News asked Natali if there were any other characters he'd love to bring to the big screen, he was quick to suggest a movie based on Canadian super-team Alpha Flight as the perfect way to put a new spin on the current superhero movie trend.

"I have thought about that a little bit," said Natali when asked about the possibility of making a lower-budget movie about lesser-known comic characters. "I'll put this out there: maybe Alpha Flight."

"For those who don't know, Alpha Flight is a Canadian superhero group and it was drawn by one of my favorite Marvel artists, John Byrne," he added. "He's a genius."

Natali stressed that he's neither approached Marvel about such a film nor been approached, but the idea of a superhero group with ties to a country outside the U.S. appeals immensely to him.

"I thought that would be interesting, to give a little Canadian angle on the superhero mythology," he explained. "It's an interesting group and it had a lot of different members, so you can take it in a number of different directions. I think it would be cool."

Still, he's not sure this is the right time to try his hand at superhero movies, given the current flood of comic properties making the jump to the big screen.

"To be perfectly honest, I'm a little intimidated right now," said Natali. "I feel like the world is slightly overcrowded with superheroes, and maybe I'd like to wait a little while before putting my toe into those waters."

Would you like to see an "Alpha Flight" movie? Is Natali the right filmmaker for the job? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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