TWITTER REPORT: The 'Judge Dredd' Movie, Celtics And Lakers Basketball, And Steam For Mac

Judge DreddThe sincerity of certain tweets in the Twitter Report feed can often be questionable at best, but I'll let you evaluate Jock's details on the new "Judge Dredd" film on your own. I'll tell you who's always sincere, though, and that's Stan Lee. In fact, I personally guarantee you that no one else has tweeted more exuberantly about their upcoming cameo on "Entourage."

In other goings on, Rob Liefeld still calls NBA games like he sees them, and if there's ever a channel that offers live feeds from his Twitter account during the future, you can bet I'll be subscribing. Check out who likes the Celtics, who's unimpressed with LeBron James and who bought an original piece of Scott Pilgrim artwork.

It's all on the record with Andy Diggle's experience playing "Portal" on his Mac in the Twitter Report for May 14, 2010.

@jock4twenty judge dredd is going to be set in britain - more of a 'bobby on the beat' vibe. He arrests a rogue trader plumber, played by rob schneider.

-Jock, Artist ("The Losers," "Green Arrow: Year One")

@TONYFINGHARRIS Also just got the assignment for the next Starman Omnibus cover. Have no Idea what I will do yet. Hmmmm?

-Tony Harris, Artist ("Ex Machina," "War Heroes")

@smilinstanlee You guessed it! I spent most of Tuesday doing my super-size cameo for Entourage! Can’t give the surprise away, but I know you’ll dig it!

-Stan Lee, Writer ("The Amazing Spider-Man," "The Fantastic Four")

@gerardway didn't realize White Violin made it into an episode of Heroes. Costume is way off though

-Gerard Way, Writer ("The Umbrella Academy")

NBA pt. 1: @FrankTieri Still say Lebron's staying in Cleveland.

-Frank Tieri, Writer ("Wolverine," "Iron Man")

NBA pt. 2: @robertliefeld Queen James is not clutch! He is a pretender!!!!

-Rob Liefeld, Writer/Artist ("X-Force," "Youngblood")

NBA pt. 3: @MintzPlasse I enjoyed when the crowd chanted "NY KNICKS". CELTICS BABY!

-Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Actor ("Kick-Ass")

NBA pt. 4: @robertliefeld SHAQ out in first round 07, swept out rnd 1 in 08, MISSED playoffs in 09, gone in 2nd round 2010. Not most dominant. Fat, useless...

@andydiggle Disappointed with Steam's PORTAL for Mac. You can't see through the portals? WTF? And it won't let me close Steam. Buggy.

-Andy Diggle, Writer ("The Losers," "Hellblazer")

@philhester I bought me a Scott Pilgrim page. Should have done it $200 dollars ago.

-Phil Hester, Writer/Artist ("Green Arrow," "The Irredeemable Ant-Man")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@Templesmith Oh I like the looks of the next Doctor Who episode": "What happens if you die in reality?" "You die stupid, that's why it's called reality."

-Ben Templesmith, Writer/Artist ("30 Days of Night," "Welcome to Hoxford")

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