ADAPT THIS: 'Bizarre New World' By Skipper Martin & Christopher Provencher

Bizarre New WorldTHE STORY: "Bizarre New World" by Skipper Martin (W), Christopher Provencher (A) and Wes Dzioba (C) - Ape Entertainment

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Meet Paul Krutcher, an ordinary guy who works as a film editor. He's also a divorced father devoted to his son... and the world's first flying man. Krutcher quickly embraces his newfound ability and uses it to greatly improve his life until the world discovers the "first flying man" and it isn't him...

WHY IT WORKS: Martin crafts an incredibly relatable and engaging story about a protagonist who is refreshingly ordinary. Krutcher doesn't use his gift to fight crime or as an excuse to make himself into a costumed hero; he uses it to have fun. At the same time, his paranoia of being discovered is quite humorous. Krutcher's relationship with his young son is also very believable and warm, which adds a welcome human touch to the story. At three issues, the series moves along at a brisk pace and is never boring.

Provencher and Dzioba also do outstanding work on the pages themselves, capturing distinct emotions and expressions on the various characters. The art is stylized, but not removed from what we would recognize as reality. The two artists are especially effective in the final pages of the book, depicting vast images of a world that is changed forever.

WHY IT DOESN'T: The finale to "Bizarre New World" would probably be extremely expensive to pull off onscreen, as the scale of the story suddenly becomes much larger than previously expected. The story also doesn't conform to most audience expectations. There are no dramatic confrontations or any kind of victory for the protagonist. Life on Earth is radically changed, but for the most part it continues going as it has before. The conclusion works extremely well for the comic, but may not play as strongly on the big screen.

HOW TO DO IT: "Bizarre New World" would probably best be suited as a feature film. There's a lot of broad potential for comedy in the story that would work well on screen and the special effects are probably best suited for that format. However, it could also easily work as a 3-D or 2-D animated movie, which would allow it to keep the visual style of the book without breaking the bank on special effects sequences.

Alternatively, "Bizarre New World" could also work as TV series, if the show were to take place after the ending featured in the comic and fully explore that new paradigm from many different angles.

FINAL WORD: "Bizarre New World" is one of the best and most entertaining comics in years and could be a blockbuster hit if it is turned into a feature film that remains true to the spirit of the original book.

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