'Heroes' Canceled?

HeroesIt looks like NBC might do the one thing Sylar never could: eliminate the "Heroes."

According to New York Magazine there are indications that "Heroes" will not be brought back for a fifth season. While there have been rumors that "Heroes" would return with 13 new episodes to wrap up the series, the latest report indicates that NBC is very happy with their upcoming programming slate and notes that the network has already placed orders for five new series in the fall.

However, the report also indicates that "Heroes" might return as a two or four-hour movie to give the fans of the series some closure. Although it also mentions that NBC has yet to bring up this possibility to "Heroes" creator Tim Kring.

"Heroes" debuted on NBC in 2006 with impressive ratings and featured Milo Ventimiglia, Greg Grunberg, Adrian Pasdar, Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka, Leonard Roberts and Ali Larter as ordinary people who suddenly found themselves gifted with extraordinary superpowers.

However, the audience began to erode during the second season and continued to fall in subsequent seasons for a variety of reasons.

Earlier this year, Kring spoke out about the creative difficulties "Heroes" encountered due to network interference.

"It becomes very hard to kill off certain characters," said Kring. "The network has a very strong say in this, because of actors who are under contract and do publicity for them. It's not just up to the writers to decide."

As an example, Splash Page examined the many deaths of Nathan Petrelli on "Heroes," when Adrian Pasdar left the series last fall.

The final fate of "Heroes" will be revealed when NBC unveils its fall schedule later this month.

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