Mickey Rourke Is Still Up For 'Sin City 2'... But Only If A Certain Person Isn't Involved

While there's still no official word on when (if ever) we'll see "Sin City 2," that hasn't stopped us from wondering about the potential sequel to Robert Rodriguez's 2005 adaptation of Frank Miller's celebrated comic book noir. Back in March, Rodriguez told us a script was on the way, so when we caught up with Mickey Rourke during the "Iron Man 2" press junket, we made sure to ask if he'd heard anything about the project yet.

"If it happens, you know... they've got to all get their sh-- together," said Rourke, shrugging off the question of whether he'd distanced himself from the project at this point.

Asked about his recent assertion that he'd only do the film if "Robert Rodriguez's wife" wasn't involved with it, Rourke reiterated his opinion — though there's still some uncertainty whether he meant actress Rose McGowan, who was a regular feature in Rodriguez's films (but was never actually married to the filmmaker), or Rodriguez's ex-wife, Elizabeth Avellan, who was a producer for "Sin City."

"She was a pain in the ass, that's all I'm going to say," said Rourke.

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