'Iron Man 2' Special: The Top Five Dysfunctional Superhero Costumes

Red SonjaBy Kara Warner

Continuing with our coverage of summer movie kick-starter and last week's box office champ, "Iron Man 2," we got to thinking that, with all the talk about Tony Stark's cool new suits and gadgets — all of which perform wonderfully in the film — there are many superheroes who aren't quite as lucky in the costume and supersuit departments.

For all the killer ensembles out there (we're looking at you, Iron Man, Batman and Flash), there are a few that miss the mark with the whole "functionality" thing.

Here's a look at several costumes that could use an upgrade (and in a lot of cases, sturdier fabric — and more of it).

WONDER WOMAN: Iconic, sexy, revered — all appropriate descriptors for Wonder Woman's famous getup. But when it comes to work-wear, the star-printed hot pants and bustier paired with the gold arm bands, tiara, and belt make for a perfect storm of dysfunction (magical powers or no).

Wonder Woman

BLACK CANARY: Similar to the issues Wonder Woman faces, the classic Canary costume was a black leather bustier with fishnet stockings and boots. Practicality points awarded for the sensible choice of footwear, but how does one fight crime in a bustier made of leather, of all fabrics?

Black Canary

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: With superhuman strength of a Class 100 level, made possible by an extra 800 pounds of bone marrow added to his frame, Hulk's physical strength is nearly limitless. So he gets… purple pants? We're still amazed that the pants survive his transformations at all, albeit in shreds, but surely there's some super fabric out there that would hold up better. And Bruce Banner should make sure to wear it... always.

Incredible Hulk

DAZZLER: Hoo-boy, this one is a head-scratcher. The silver unitard/jumpsuit complete with an unmanageably low-plunging neckline is bad enough, but the roller skates? ... Good Lord, the freakin' skates!! Why are they necessary?!


RED SONJA: This woman is the She-Devil with a Sword, for cryin' out loud! Feared and totally fierce, she's also constantly lusted after — in large part due to her absolutely ridiculous chain-mail bikini. Many artist renderings of Sonja are beautiful, no question — but there is just no way a woman (or man) could walk, let alone fight, with chain-mail covering her nether regions.

Red Sonja

Honorable mentions: Silk Spectre, Luke Cage (for his silver headband/tiara!), Starfire (for her unbearable shiny, strips of metallic)

Agree? Disagree? What are some of your favorite costumes in need of an upgrade? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!