'Iron Man 2' Review Roundup: Your 140-Character Reader Reactions!

Iron Man 2Now that the opening weekend for "Iron Man 2" is in the rearview mirror, we've heard from countless critics, comic creators and journalists about the blockbuster follow-up to 2008's "Iron Man" — but what about fans?

This morning, I asked subscribers to the Splash Page Twitter feed to give me their 140-character reviews of "Iron Man 2," and the response was, well... pretty amazing. You clearly had a wide range of takeaways from "Iron Man 2," with equal parts criticism and praise for certain elements of the film that had everyone buzzing.

So, without further ado on my side, here's a sample of some of the 140-character "Iron Man 2" reviews that I received on Twitter this morning.

watchinpreacher: Good first act, okay second act, too much talking, over-use of the suit, awesome third act, brilliant action. 7/10

unfamouschris: Saw it in IMAX and it was phenomenal. The visuals, the sound, the story, all made for an incredible sequel.

mdnytecartunr: Fun, snarky, with an unnecessary (but still appreciated, me-OW!) Black Widow appearance and a lot more metal-suited action.

behlulm: Inspite of reviews I feel it was an excellent sequel something rarely seen in Marvel sequels or even H'wood sequels.

davebrener: Character interaction was strong. Plot and pacing seemed disjointed & chaotic @ times. Briefcase Armor ruled.

MVillarrealV: To be completely honest it was in certain way like watching kill bill 2; a lot more dialogue and a richer story!

iheartmuseums: Movie-land Tony Stark earned bonus points for me after Iron Man 2, because he listens to the Clash! A+ superhero soundtrack.

GTChin: Iron Man 2 did a great job balancing the characters & action but the story was weaker than IM1.

chessroberts: as a marvel comics fan, I thought it was fantastic and therefore overlook any and all flaws the movie might have had.

originaldp: IM2 review - Nice mix of action and story, gave enough time to each characters story, slightly short ending though

macdad34: so completely awesome... favs and co. have succeeded in crafting one of the best superhero franchises ever.

reachpraty: Iron man 2 was epic,fully satisfied,gr8 funny one liners and great action,smart script,RDJ is fantastic,rourke is badass

NotNamedJohn: I can't form coherent sentences about how awesome Iron Man 2 was. And I've read 400+ IM comics the past month in anticipation

And there you have it! Thanks again for sending your reviews, folks — learning what you think about films like this is not only a fun project, but it also helps me decide what you want to see from the site.

Keep it locked to Splash Page for more "Iron Man 2" news as it develops, as well as news about "Iron Man 3," "The Avengers" and the rest of the Marvel movie universe!

What did you think of "Iron Man 2"? Post your review in the comment section or on Twitter!