Why 'Iron Man 2' Wasn't Filmed In 3-D... And Why 'Captain America' Might Be!

Captain AmericaPrior to its release, industry experts projected that "Iron Man 2" had the potential to break the $158.4 million opening weekend record which is currently held by "The Dark Knight." And while its $133.6 million was still hugely successful, some observers have wondered if it could have opened even higher if it had also been released in 3-D.

However, during an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed that "Iron Man 2" had been under consideration for a 3-D conversion, before the production team decided that there simply wasn't enough time to handle the conversion and finish the film by its release date.

"We couldn't have turned over a version of the movie 10 or 20 weeks earlier for 3-D conversion without undermining the quality," said Feige. "We used all the time we had for mixing and editing and discovering the right tone."

However, Feige also conceded that Marvel will make the leap to 3-D in one of their future films.

"The team has been doing a lot of research into 3-D processes," related Feige. "And we're looking at it on future films when we have the time. We will be doing it at some point."

As the LA Times points out, director Kenneth Branagh's "Thor" is already well into principle photography and would have to be converted into 3-D in post. However, director Joe Johnston's "The First Avenger: Captain America" won't start filming until June, which could make it a candidate to be Marvel Studios' first feature filmed in 3-D.

Earlier this year, Sony revealed that the "Spider-Man" reboot will also be filmed in 3-D.

What are your thoughts on Marvel's future films being released in 3-D? Should they be converted in post or shot with 3-D cameras like "Avatar"? Sling a shield our way and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!

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