'Smallville' Season Finale Teaser

Smallville Season FinaleThe season finale of "Smallville" airs this Friday, and The CW has begun airing a teaser for the episode that offers a glimpse at what's in store for Clark Kent, Lois Lane and the multitude of other DC characters introduced in the popular series recently.

Along with the expected/announced appearances by Green Arrow and Black Canary, the teaser also features a quick glimpse of Hawkman — confirming earlier reports of a return by the Justice Society (or at least one member). The promo also features a chilling declaration from Zod, who's played by Callum Blue in the series.

"My people, they're overtaking this planet, and you can't stop me," he announces.

"Smallville" airs this Friday, May 14, at 8 PM EST on The CW.

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