'Doctor Who' Stars Ponder The Doctor's Marital Status

This week's episode of "Doctor Who" features the return of not one but two notable additions to the modern chapter of the long-running science-fiction series: the terrifying, time-bending assassins known as Weeping Angels, and the mysterious woman with very intimate knowledge of The Doctor, River Song.

It's the latter of these two elements that made the following clip from my interview with "Doctor Who" stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan quite appropriate to run this week. While the pair addressed the "necessity" of romance in the new season last week, the conversation took an interesting turn when we touched upon The Doctor's marital status — especially as it pertains to the aforementioned River Song.

"A deep profound love is there," Smith said of the relationship between The Doctor and Amy Pond in the current season, "and that's not to say romance doesn't have a role in the series — it does. I just think maybe the whole companion/Doctor thing, there's only so far it can go."

Even though we'd already discussed the possibility of romance between the characters in last week's clip, the pair had more to offer regarding that element of the new season and what it could lead to.

"Are they going to be man and wife and travel around?" asked Smith. "He's got a wife — he's got River Song."

"Is she his wife, though?" interjected Gillan.

"Well, this is the big question — is she?" responded Smith. "I think she is."

And with that, the mystery deepens, "Who" fans...

"Doctor Who" airs Saturday at 9 PM EST on BBC America. Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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