Where Does Don Cheadle Want War Machine To Go After 'Iron Man 2'?

We all know War Machine makes his triumphant debut this week in "Iron Man 2," but what's in store for James "Rhodey" Rhodes after the credits roll?

With "Avengers" on the way and a third installment of the "Iron Man" movie franchise very likely, MTV News asked actor Don Cheadle where his character and Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark go from here.


"We've talked in loose terms about the possibility of another film, but not any specifics about what will happen, where they will be or what they'll be doing," Cheadle told MTV News.

Still, he did have some thoughts about the big questions surrounding his character's future post-"Iron Man 2."

"I don't know if Rhodey stays in the military, how much latitude he really has — because you can't be independent and be in the chain of command," he explained. "I wonder if that still will create a source of tension between the two of them, or if somehow he'll take a leave of absence ... or if he'll start walking the really dangerous, slippery slope that Tony Stark does."

While Cheadle previously dismissed the idea of a "War Machine" solo movie, he is signed to a multi-movie deal for future adventures as Jim Rhodes. That makes it likely that we could be seeing more of War Machine down the road, whether in "Avengers" or another Marvel movie.

Heck, maybe he'll even make a post-credits cameo one of these days.

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