Michel Gondry Explains 'Kato-Vision' In 'Green Hornet'

The Green HornetLast month, word broke that director Michel Gondry's adaptation of "The Green Hornet" — starring Seth Rogen in the title role and and Jay Chou as Kato — was being pushed back to January in order for the film to be converted into 3-D.

Prior to that, "Green Hornet" producer Neal Moritz endorsed the idea of making the 3-D conversion for this film, in part for something he described as "Kato-Vision," which he described as "amazing."

During an interview with Collider, Gondry defined "Kato-Vision" as "How [Kato] envisions the fight before he does it."

"Usually he spots out elements or details that he's going to use to his advantage," explained Gondry. "So, it's like a video game, but you go inside his eye. And especially with 3-D, it's going to be very effective because you're going to see all of the layers of the eye."

"[Kato] knows he's going to grab a guy by his hair and this guy by the neck [or] he's going to [take] this bottle and smash it on this guy," he continued. "So, that's what he does and then he executes his plan."

Gondry also elaborated on the film's conversion to 3-D and reiterated that it was under consideration well before the final decision was made.

"We always wanted to do ['The Green Hornet'] in 3-D," said Gondry. "In the early '70s, my grandfather was the President of the Stereo Club and so I grew up with 3-D, with Viewmaster and maybe five techniques to do 3-D with only one camera. There's tons of ways to do it, [but] there is some limitation. The way it was shot, we use lots of different [visual] fields. This is a way to shoot movies that transfers well into 3-D."

"I'm not relying too heavily on the editing," added Gondry. "We're doing the [3-D] tests now. I've seen different movies where the 3-D was more or less successful and I think we have a good team. It's going to be good."

"The Green Hornet" will leap into theaters on January 14, 2011.

What are your first impressions of "Kato-Vision"? Do you think that "The Green Hornet" will be well-suited for 3-D? Fire up the Black Beauty and share your thoughts in the comment section below or on Twitter!

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