Is Matthew Vaughn The Right Director For 'X-Men: First Class'?

X-Men: First ClassNews broke this morning that Matthew Vaughn would direct "X-Men: First Class," the upcoming film that takes Professor X and his mutant students back to their early days. But is the "Kick-Ass" director the right filmmaker for the job?

No stranger to high-action projects and colorful characters, Vaughn made a name for himself with films like "Layer Cake," which helped Daniel Craig land the role of James Bond; "Stardust," a fantastic adventure based on a novel by Neil Gaiman; and "Kick-Ass," a live-action adaptation of Mark Millar's ultraviolent comic book series. With "First Class," Vaughn will tackle some of Marvel's most famous superheroes in an ensemble project steeped in comic book history.

So what do you think about Vaughn landing the gig? Read on for a chance to let your opinion be known about the new man behind the camera for "First Class."

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