Hugo Weaving Confirmed As Red Skull In 'Captain America' Movie

Hugo WeavingMarvel Studios has confirmed that Hugo Weaving will play The Red Skull in "The First Avenger: Captain America," Joe Johnston's live-action movie based on Marvel's superhero soldier.

Weaving will star opposite Chris Evans, who was cast as Steve Rogers in March, ending a long search for the film's lead actor. British actress Hayley Atwell will play the female lead, Peggy Carter, and Sebastian Stan will reportedly play Bucky, Cap's sidekick. Weaving's involvement was first rumored a few months ago, and it's reported that the character of Red Skull will be updated for the 2011 film.

In Marvel's comic book universe, Red Skull originally rose through the ranks of The Third Reich as American industrialist Johann Schmidt, who was secretly a Nazi spy and saboteur. He made his first appearance in "Captain America Comics" #1 in 1941.

Written by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely (and possibly being re-written by Joss Whedon), "Captain America" will cover the early days of the Marvel hero, including his decision to subject his body to an experimental "Super Soldier Serum" that gave him the peak of human abilities.

The casting reunites Weaving with Johnston, who directed the actor in his most recent film, "The Wolfman."

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