Gwyneth Paltrow Was Surprised By 'Monstrously Huge' Success Of 'Iron Man'

Iron Man wasn't always "Iron Man," you know. For some fans, it might be hard to remember a time when Tony Stark and his pals weren't taking siestas in huge hammocks made out of gold ala Scrooge McDuck. But the Marvel Comics character wasn't always on the same tier as other superheroes like Spider-Man and Batman — a fact that quickly changed after the massive success of director Jon Favreau's "Iron Man" in 2008.

Now, "Iron Man 2" has already earned over $100 million at the international box office and is on track for similarly huge success when it debuts in the United States this weekend. It's the kind of success that isn't just shocking for lifelong Marvel readers — it's shocking for the "Iron Man" cast and crew, as well.

"It's funny. It's great. It's been a great experience to be in a movie that is so monstrously huge," actress Gwyneth Paltrow told MTV when asked about her reaction to the film franchise's success. "To have teenage boys know who I am is fun!"

Paltrow has received numerous accolades throughout her acting career, including an Academy Award for her performance in "Shakespeare in Love." But despite such an honor and despite working some of the top talents in Hollywood, Paltrow's movies were never quite as lucrative as a film like "Iron Man."

"This movie made $100 million in its first weekend and I think my biggest movie had been 'Shakespeare in Love,' which made $100 million in its whole [theatrical run] — it was kind of amazing to see," she recalled. "How does a movie make $100 million in one weekend? So, it was fun to be a part of that."

Are you at all surprised by the success of the "Iron Man" franchise? How do you expect "Iron Man 2" to measure up to the original? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and on Twitter!