EXCLUSIVE: Jon Favreau Clears Up The Big 'Iron Man 2' Rumors!

When "Iron Man 2" premieres this week in the U.S., everyone will finally get to see Tony Stark return to the big screen — and we'll also get to officially close the book on many of the rumors that have surrounded the film and who (or what) appears in the final cut.

While "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau already explained away rumors that Olivia Munn would appear as The Wasp, what about that rumor that pegged Pepper Potts to appear in full dominatrix gear during one of Tony's dream sequences? And was that really Thor we saw in that blink-and-you-miss-it moment when Tony's walking through a prison hallway?

"Oh, wow," remarked Favreau when MTV News asked him about Gwyneth Paltrow's character donning red-and-yellow dominatrix gear for the rumored scene.

The director acknowledged that such a scene was planned early on, but never went beyond some concept art that MTV News scoped out during its "Iron Man 2" set visit.

"There was some talk of [Stark] having a dream where he was fantasizing about her," Favreau explained. "So there is some truth to that one. But it never made it into the movie, no."

As for that pesky rumor regarding a Thor cameo in one of the early trailers, Favreau first took credit for it, then laughed it off entirely.

"Yes, I was quite pleased with that one," Favreau joked. "No, that's not Thor."

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