Harrison Ford's 'Cowboys & Aliens' Character Will Be 'What We Love Him To Be,' Says Jon Favreau

Director Jon Favreau has worked with some tremendously talented actors in his career – Robert Downey Jr. in the "Iron Man" films has to rank high on that list – but he's entering a truly elite area of fandom as Harrison Ford saddles up for "Cowboys & Aliens."

"Can you believe it? It's amazing," Favreau enthused when MTV's Josh Horowitz brought up the casting news in a recent interview. "I can't believe it still."

From the wise-cracking Han Solo to the whip-snapping Indiana Jones, Ford has played some indisputable badasses over the course of his acting career. But he's also tapped into his softer side in movies like "Regarding Henry" and even the recently released "Extraordinary Measures." Luckily, in "Cowboys & Aliens," Ford's character will have a lot more in common with his gruffer heroes of yesteryear.

"I'm trying to make him what we love him to be," Favreau said of Ford's character. "Think about him whether it was 'American Graffiti,' Han Solo, 'Indiana Jones,' or 'Blade Runner.' He's sort of that edgy, likeable but not likeable guy. I don't like the cuddly Harrison Ford. I don't like the sensitive, thoughtful Harrison Ford."

So which Harrison Ford does Favreau like?

"I like the Harrison Ford where you don't know if he's going to kick your ass or if he's going to buy a drink and he's clearly getting tired of hearing you talk," the director laughed. "That's the Harrison Ford I like. The one who's heard enough from you. That's the Harrison Ford I like."

I like that Harrison Ford, too.

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