'Iron Man 2' Deleted Scenes: Black Widow Flirting, 'You Complete Me' Dive, More!

"Iron Man 2" clocks in at just over two hours, but don't let the run time fool you – director Jon Favreau wasn't able to include every single scene he shot in the final version of the superhero sequel.

Speaking with MTV News, Favreau said that a multitude of "Iron Man 2" scenes were left on the editing room floor, but not due to any sort of studio pressure.

"The nice thing about working at Marvel is that they're very supportive of the director. I've been given a lot of creative freedom there," said Favreau. "When we make changes, it's ones that we're all comfortable with. I like to be very collaborative with [the studio]. It's not like there's a version that they strong-armed me into not using, so I stand behind what's out there."

Favreau recalled one specific scene that didn't make the final cut of "Iron Man 2" involving Tony Stark and Pepper Potts as Tony prepares to arrive on stage at Stark Expo 2010.

"There's a scene that leads up to [Pepper throwing Iron Man's helmet off of a plane] that's wonderful, but what it does is it ruins a surprise and ruins the momentum of the movie at the beginning," said the director. "There's a little bit of a misdirect that we wanted to sell and the reveal of him landing on the stage for the first time is better [without the scene]."

Additionally, Favreau removed a flirtatious scene between Stark and Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, saying: "The relationship between Tony and Pepper is so special to the audience that if you let him and Scarlet get too flirty and close, the audience turns off very quickly."

Despite these scenes not making the final cut, Favreau plans to include the deleted segments when "Iron Man 2" arrives on DVD.

"There are other scenes that I like that don't fit into the movie but I think are great," he explained. "As they stand alone, I prefer a lot of the things that we had to remove. I would have preferred to have them in the film than to have them removed."

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