Jon Favreau Says Joss Whedon Is A 'Great Choice' To Direct 'The Avengers'

Last month, reports emerged that Joss Whedon was in final negotiations to direct "The Avengers," the highly anticipated film which will bring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk together for the first time on the big screen.

And while Whedon's involvement with the film has yet to be confirmed by either Marvel or Whedon himself, "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau has offered a ringing endorsement of the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," "Angel" and "Firefly" creator.

"If it ends up being Joss Whedon, I think it's a great choice," Favreau told MTV News. "Because he's got a great sense of humor [and] he has a deep knowledge of the whole universe which I think 'The Avengers' would require because you're weaving a lot of different mythologies and storylines together."

While Favreau stressed that he didn't know for sure if Whedon would helm the film, he did offer additional reasons why he believes Whedon is the right director for "The Avengers."

"[Whedon] has a really fun sense of action," said Favreu. "I think if you look at 'Firefly' and 'Serenity' and 'Buffy' and his background in small movies, I think that he could up the ante on his action quotient. I think that will come with the bigger budget and good people around him and working with Marvel, as it did with me."

"I think that [he has an] ear for dialog and he has a good fun story sense of how to reveal and unfold a story [that] I think is great," continued Favreau. "I think it will attract a great cast. If it works out with him, it would be wonderful."

Favreau also revealed that he has not yet read the current draft of "The Avengers.'

"No, I haven't read that ['Avengers'] script," said Favreau. "I've had my hands full, if you hadn't noticed. I had to finish writing this script before ['Iron Man 2'] was in theaters."

"Iron Man 2" lands in theaters this Friday, May 7, while "The Avengers" will finally assemble in 2012.

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