Kevin Smith + Free Comic Book Day = All Kinds Of Awesome

By now, you're probably well aware that today is Free Comic Book Day. If not, well... here's a very cool reminder from one of the coolest cats in the comic scene.

Bleeding Cool posted the ad for Free Comic Book Day, which is voiced by none other than Kevin Smith, the filmmaker and comic writer responsible for countless multimedia projects that you know and love. In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't have to name any of those projects here, because if you're anything like me, you already have some of them on your shelf.

But I digress...

The ad was written by Bleeding Cool's own Rich Johnston, directed, filmed, edited and produced by Brendon Connelly, and voiced by Kevin Smith.

If you're still on the fence about Free Comic Book Day, make sure to check out the official Free Comic Book Day website, where you'll find more testimonials (including one from "Heroes" actor and comic creator Milo Ventimiglia), a guide to participating comic shops, a list of the comics you'll be able to get, and countless other cool pieces of info about the day.

Here's the aforementioned endorsement from Milo Ventimiglia:

Remember: Get thee to a comic shop today, May 1!

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