Robert Downey Jr. Explains Why The Theme Of 'Iron Man 2' Is 'Legacy'

Earlier this month, "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau offered some hints regarding the impact that Howard Stark — Tony Stark's father — would have on the film through bookend scenes at the Stark Expo, both in the past and present.

And while the relationship between Tony Stark and his father will be a central part of the sequel, it won't be the only legacy dealt with in "Iron Man 2" according to Robert Downey Jr.

When asked by MTV News about the theme of "Iron Man 2," Downey replied "The theme was legacy — and there's a double legacy. There's the legacy he's fondly attempting to continue. There's the legacy that's attempting to be subverted by some old foes. And there's the legacy he has no idea about, which of course, the Marvel Universe provides."

Downey also spoke out about the parallels between Stark's relationship with his dad and Downey's relationship with his own father, Robert Doweny Sr., who is an accomplished writer, actor and director.

"Any time your dad is revered — I grew up with [people saying] 'hey, that's Bob Downey's kid' — and understandably so. I mean, he's a great innovator and a heck of a filmmaker. In Tony's case, it's really this massive, looming shadow of his dad's almost posthumous perfection. And it's tough for him to live up to."

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