Scarlett Johansson Says Goodbye To Her 'Iron Man 2' Costume, 'Hopefully See You In 16 Months!'

In order to play Russian superspy Black Widow in "Iron Man 2," actress Scarlett Johansson had to not only get in touch with her character's long history and intimidating set of fighting skills, she also had to, well... get into her skin-tight costume.

When MTV News caught up with Johansson during the "Iron Man 2" press junket, the actress offered up some choice comments about the process of getting into character — psychologically, physically and visually.

"The last time I had to wear it, I was like, "Good-bye unitard, I will hopefully see you in 16 months," she said of her parting words to the Black Widow costume, and her hopes that she'll suit up again for "The Avengers."

"Yeah, I was happy to not have to put it on again," she said. "It was actually much more comfortable than it looks, and it functioned very well, but who wants to wear the same thing every day?"

As for the stunt choreography required to make her character one of the most formidable new additions to the "Iron Man" movie universe, Johansson said it was important to her to be the face of Black Widow in action and at rest.

"I was really looking forward to it, because it was something I had never done before," she said of the training. "It was a bit daunting at first. ... It just seemed like it would be really painful, and it was, but it all paid off in the end."

"Iron Man 2" hits theaters May 7. As always, let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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