Another 'Thor' Villain Revealed?

ThorThe last few days are already shaping up to go down in history as the most spoiler-filled week in comic book movie history, and apparently, it's not over yet! Along with yesterday's big reveal of the "Iron Man 2" secret ending, today we have what could be an early peek at a "Thor" villain that will be making things difficult for Marvel's god of thunder when his film hits theaters.

Over at Latino Review, there's a photo claiming to be from the set of "Thor," featuring one of the character's well-known nemeses. But be warned: it's pretty SPOILER-iffic!

In the interest of keeping things as spoiler-free as possible, I'm posting all of the details after an image of the cover of "Thor" #161. Why that issue? Because it's Jack Kirby art featuring Thor, Galactus, and Ego the Living Planet — and it's all kinds of awesome.

Thor 161

Okay, now that all the spoiler-phobes have left the building, here's what the site had to say about the leaked photo, which might not be real — but is still pretty cool even if it isn't:

"As per my source, THE DESTROYER is sent to earth by Loki to destroy Thor. It stands at about 9 feet tall."

Comic fans know The Destroyer to be an enchanted suit of armor created by Odin to battle the Celestials, a cosmic race whose power dwarfed even that of the gods. The suit has made a number of appearances over the years for good or bad (mostly bad), and usually presents Thor with a pretty tough fight. It's also been inhabited by Odin, Doctor Doom and various other characters at one point or another as a last-ditch offensive or defensive maneuver.

Here's a cropped version of the photo from Latino Review, which you can see in larger detail over on the original site:


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