Confirmed: 'Anchorman' Director In Talks With 'The Boys' Producers

The BoysYesterday we ran a story that seemed to indicate that "Anchorman" director Adam McKay was the leading contender to direct a live-action adaptation of "The Boys," Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic book series about a group of black ops agents tasked with policing superheroes' activities.

The report arrived via "Nightmare on Elm Street" director Samuel Bayer, who previously expressed his own desire to direct the project and now lamented McKay's status as the frontrunner. MTV News followed up with McKay's representatives to find out if the filmmaker is indeed in the mix for "The Boys," and received confirmation that he's in talks for the gig — though nothing is certain at this point.

"He's interested and has talked to the producers," a rep for McKay told MTV News. "But at this point, nothing is close to being decided."

McKay, who also directed "Step Brothers" and "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby," is certainly an interesting prospect for the role, though Bayer indicated yesterday that he could still be in the running if "Elm Street" performs well.

“Let’s have the movie come out this weekend and do really well," said Bayer. "Then we’ll see how my stock is in Hollywood.”

Bayer's previous directing credits are limited almost exclusively to music videos, but he wouldn't be the first filmmaker to make the leap from music videos to feature films. Spike Jones, David Fincher and Michel Gondry all made a similar transition.

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