Jon Favreau Explains The History of Stark Expo In 'Iron Man 2'

Stark ExpoAlmost a month ago, the Stark Expo 2010 website was launched as part of a viral promotion for "Iron Man 2."

And while the website has been creatively used to convey backstory about the film, director Jon Favreau has also used the Stark Expo as an opportunity to explore a major backdrop of his youth.

"With the Expo I got to revisit where I grew up, which was across the street from Flushing Meadows Park," said Favreau during an interview with The Los Angeles Times. "The whole Stark Expo is in Flushing Meadows Park, the old World's Fair fairgrounds. I grew up looking out my window at the remains of the 1964 World's Fair, and this was a way to represent that in our story. It's a love letter to Queens — and Queens doesn't get a lot of love."

The World's Fair was launched in the mid 19th century and gradually became an international exhibition of cultural significance which projected a potential Utopian future. According to Favreau, the Stark Expo plays a similar role in the movie while also bookending the film's narrative.

"The Expo dates back to the 1930s, but the last one was in 1974 when Tony's father was still alive and Tony was just a kid," revealed Favreau. "Now Tony is reintroducing this concept of the Expo at the start of the film and it's presented [as] a part of peace dividend — now that Iron Man is keeping the world 'safer,' this is Tony's way of turning guns to butter and changing the conversation about the future."


Favreau also revealed that the Stark Expo would also tie into the upcoming "The First Avenger: Captain America."

"[The Stark Expo] does figure in to the other films because in the Captain America movie you're going to see the early one, which I think is a lot of fun," related Favreau. "They're going to have a reference to Tony's father, Howard Stark, played by John Slattery, and his earlier Expo. But I don't want to say more than that."

"Iron Man 2" soars into theaters on May 7.

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