Samuel L. Jackson Says Nick Fury Will 'Kill Somebody' In Marvel Movies

Samuel L. JacksonWhile Samuel L. Jackson previously told us Nick Fury is unlikely to see action in "Iron Man 2," that doesn't mean the S.H.I.E.L.D. head honcho won't get his hands down dirty down the road in future Marvel movies like "The Avengers."

In fact, the actor told MTV News that his character will indeed be seeing some serious action in future installments of Marvel movies.

"Nick does boss people around," said Jackson at a press event for his new film "Mother and Child" with Naomi Watts and Annette Bening. "But every now and then, he does kill somebody."

While he didn't offer up any timetable for when we'll see Nick Fury getting down to business, Jackson assured fans that his character won't be content with simply dropping by Tony Stark's house or going out for donuts with the armored hero.

"[He will] shoot somebody," he said. "I'd like for him to do something eventually."

"I'm totally looking forward to finally getting Nick Fury into action," he added.

Jackson indicated that he'll probably be needed on set "next February" for his part in "Avengers," and offered up some thoughts on how he'll manage with Fury's signature eye-patch.

"[Nick Fury's eye patch] is easier than the cloudy contact lenses that I wear in the 'xXx' [films]," he said. "You can actually open your eye under the patch and kind of see things.

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