Vanessa Hudgens Says 'Dead@17' Movie 'Never Really Materialized' For Her

Way back in February 2009, "Dead@17" creator Josh Howard revealed that the producers of an upcoming adaptation of his comic about a demon-fighting undead teenager were targeting "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens to play the lead role.

While the film has since changed writing hands from Mike Dougherty ("Superman Returns") to Dennis Iliadis ("Last House on the Left"), we've heard very little about the project since it was initially announced. When MTV News caught up with Hudgens to discuss her upcoming film "Beastly," we asked her whether we'll ever see her battle demons as Nara Kilday.

"That was a while ago," said the actress. "It was something that came up and never really materialized."

Confirming that she was indeed up for the role at some point, Hudgens said the project's future is a bit uncertain these days.

"I don't really know where it's at now, but nothing's set in stone at all for that," she said.

While she hesitated to say the project is completely off the table, she did say it was no longer on her radar... at the moment.

"Until it comes up again," she shrugged.

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