'Doctor Who' Premiere Preview: Matt Smith And Karen Gillan Tell You What To Expect This Season!

"Doctor Who" kicks off a new season tonight with a new set of stars, so when actors Matt Smith and Karen Gillan dropped by Splash Page HQ, I made sure to get some thoughts from them on where their adventures will lead (and who they'll run into) in the coming episodes.

From weeping angels and vampires to an encounter with the reptilian Silurians, the new season promises to offer quite a bit for new and longtime "Who" fans to get excited about. Of course, you don't need to hear this from me — you can see for yourself what the duo had to say in this video:

"We meet Amy [Pond] in a really, really interesting way that kind of determines their relationship for the first part of the series, so that's a very big thing," said Gillan of the season premiere, which airs tonight (April 17) on BBC America at 9 PM EST.

"We go and see the weeping angels in a mad planet in the future [and] we go back to 15th century Venice to see some vampires," Smith said of their future adventures.

"There are some Silurians," added Gillan.

Looking far ahead, Smith raved about the final episodes of the upcoming season.

"The finale is one of the single greatest television moments I've witnessed, if I do say so myself," said Smith.

"Well, do!" laughed Gillan.

"Doctor Who" premieres its new season tonight on BBC America at 9 PM EST.

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