'Kick-Ass' Easter Eggs: Mark Millar's Guide To The Secrets And Cameos You Might Miss!

Mark MillarMatthew Vaughn borrowed more than just a story and costumes from Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s "Kick-Ass" comics when he filmed the movie that hits theaters today. He managed to fit both of the creators and a number of comic book Easter eggs into his shots as well. Millar didn't make the final cut. He does hold on to hope, however, that he'll show up on the DVD release along with his collaborator from the mini-series.

"There is a cameo by John Romita Jr., the other author of the book, which nobody has spotted yet because Johnny has his back to you in the cameo," Millar told MTV News, acknowledging that the second-generation comic book artist made it on screen as a bartender. "Yeah just for a fraction second you see him."

Millar didn't even get to show theater audiences his backside by the time edits were made, but he explained what could have been included.

"I had a little cameo as well, where I was playing an alcoholic, a Scottish alcoholic. And that got cut from final of the movie, hopefully it’ll end up in the extended version that Matthew’s working on," the writer said. "I was hoping to be something cool like a Special Forces guy or something. And they said, 'No no, you’d be great as a Scottish Alcoholic' and I was like, 'okay.'"

If he gets reinserted, Millar should show up right before the film's credits. In the meantime, a few of the Scotsman's comic book credits did make the theatrical cut, thanks in part to a few friendly nudges to keep them in Vaughn's shots.

"There's also someone reading a copy of 'Wanted' issue #4 in the film, too," he explained. "But they actually sprinkled a lot of my books through the whole movie, and to be honest, I would sometimes just be standing in the background making sure that the books were in the shot."

Right around where Millar should have appeared in the flesh, one of his most famous comic book contributions made a cameo instead.

"In the final scene where you see Chris [Mintz-Plasse] going from Red Mist to the character of The Mother F---er — the bad guy he becomes at the very end of the movie — you see a copy of 'The Ultimates' lying on the desk and 'Ultimate X-Men.'" That's in addition to an issue from Millar's "Fantastic Four" run that sneaks in during a scene at Red Mist's grandparents' house. He spread the love around to some other writers, too, however.

"I also threw in a lot of stuff from my friends as well. Like Brian K. Vaughan, I think he is a great writer, so I made sure one of the guys was was reading a copy of 'Runaways' in the comic shop," Millar said. He considers it an attempt to cement his friends' places in Hollywood.

"So even if these guys never get movies made," he said, "at least they were in a movie!"

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