'Jonah Hex' Movie 'Doesn't Seem To Be Finished,' Says Mastodon Singer

Jonah HexIf you're wondering why a trailer for director Jimmy Hayward's "Jonah Hex" movie hasn't been seen yet, you're not alone.

According to New York Magazine, Warner Bros. is insisting that the trailer will finally debut on April 30, in front of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake. Hayward even wrote in to add that "[The] trailer and film are looking great!"

However, Mastodon guitarist and singer Brent Hinds — who was hired last fall to score the movie with his band — has a somewhat different take on the film's status.

"What I’ve seen so far doesn’t seem to be finished to me," related Hinds. "I’d heard a little rumor: 'This sh-- ain’t gonna be ready.' But then again, Warner Bros. is such a f---ing bastard. They’re like, 'The sh-- comes out on the day it’s supposed to.' But what do I know? I’m just the dude to whom they’re like, ‘Hey, play some crazy f---in’ music!'"

Back in January, Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and other "Jonah Hex" cast members were brought back for reshoots of existing scenes as well as at least 12 new pages of scripted material, following rumors that Warner Bros. was unhappy with the previous cut of the film. "I Am Legend" director Francis Lawrence was also brought in as a "consultant" to Hayward.

Hinds also revealed that he had to rescore a significant portion of the movie after composer Marco Beltrami was brought in to replace John Powell.

"I totally had to go back and start over again," said Hinds. "We’re still working on it. We wrapped a little of it today; we’re doing a little more tomorrow. Tomorrow is enough for me. I was finished months ago. We had such short notice to work on the thing."

"I blew my wad over there," add Hinds. "It was some of the best sh-- I’ve ever written in my life. Now I’m just trying to finish with as much patience as possible."

The article also speculates that if the "Jonah Hex" trailer isn't ready by April 30, the film's June 18 release date may be in jeopardy.

What do you make of the delays and reshoots surrounding "Jonah Hex"? Does this film have enough time to reach an audience before it hits theaters? Drop your guns and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!