Joss Whedon's Avengers: Weighing The Pros & Cons

The AvengersWith multiple sources confirming Joss Whedon for "The Avengers," it's all but guaranteed that the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" creator will take the reins on Marvel Studios' flagship franchise.

It's a major coup for Whedon's fans, many of whom are still reeling from the disappointing cancellations of shows like "Firefly" and "Dollhouse." Such disappointment isn't likely here, as it would take a colossal disaster to derail the carefully laid track for "The Avengers."

Although the job is his to lose, it's worth wondering whether or not Whedon is the right director for "The Avengers" in the first place. In the spirit of fairness, let's run down some of the pros and cons of Whedon scoring the director's chair on the highly anticipated superhero team-up flick.


1. Fan-Friendly — There's no arguing that Whedon has his fair share of fans, thanks to his work on shows like "Angel," viral sensations like "Dr. Horrible" and even comic books like "Astonishing X-Men" and "Runaways." Clearly, the man has street cred.

2. Ensemble Experience — If there's one thing that "Serenity" proved, it's the fact that Whedon knows how to handle an ensemble. One could argue that he's demonstrated this ability across all of his live-action outings. Given the movie's reliance on a core group of heavy hitters, Whedon's skills as a character juggler will come in handy on "The Avengers."

3. Expert Storytelling — While we may end up lacking in quantity, we're bound to see an increase in quality. Whedon is at his best when he's fully devoted to a single project. By investing all of his creative energy into "The Avengers," there's no question that we're going to see a powerful story tying Marvel's heroes together.


1. Few Feature Films — While Whedon has gotten behind the lens for his various television endeavors, his feature film experience is relegated to "Serenity." Although a major hit with "Firefly" fans, the movie failed to secure widespread critical or commercial success — two things that "The Avengers" absolutely needs.

2. Shifting Focus — One of the biggest drawbacks of Whedon's new job is that he's likely to scale back his other commitments. It's too early to know how "The Avengers" will effect the "Buffy" comics, a "Dr. Horrible" sequel and other projects, but it's a safe bet that Whedon's going to have to reduce his involvement at the very least. Bummer.

3. Questionable Interest — Maybe the biggest problem of them all with Whedon and "The Avengers" is the director's interest level, as an old interview indicated that he wasn't particularly wild about the franchise. Hopefully, Whedon's script revisions will revitalize the characters in his eyes, but if he can't assemble some passion, Whedon's "Avengers" might not be so mighty after all.

What do you guys think: Is Whedon the man for the job? Weigh in on the director's pros and cons in the comments section or on Twitter!