'Kick-Ass' Deleted Scenes... Revealed!

If there's one problem with director Matthew Vaughn's action-packed adaptation of "Kick-Ass," it's that there's just too much ass to kick. The filmmaker found this out the hard way when he had to cut nearly 20 minutes of footage from the final version of the film.

"There is about 18 minutes of [deleted] footage, which is really good stuff," the director told MTV News. "If the film is a hit, I'll do an extended cut."

According to Vaughn, the deleted 18 minutes weren't necessarily problematic, but he worried about over-stuffing the "Kick-Ass" experience.

"The problem about this movie is that I was trying to make it snappy and short, because I think a lot of movies have become way too long," he explained. "I had a cut that was 20 minutes longer and I went, 'You know, this is just indulgent. Let's do a film that's fresh and energetic, and if people want to have more, then I'll put more in.'"

As for what was left on the cutting room floor, Vaughn revealed that "three Hit-Girl and Big Daddy scenes" didn't make it into the final version of the film.

"It was really tough to get rid of them because they're so popular," Vaughn confessed, adding that another deleted scene involved "the funniest groupie sex scene with Red Mist and Kick-Ass basically behaving like Mötley Crüe with two girls — it was really funny to film and to watch but, again, it wasn't right for the pacing of the film."

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