Which Comics To Read After 'Kick-Ass'? Guest Editor Mark Millar Has Some Suggestions!

Mark MillarWhen moviegoers finally get a chance to see director Matthew Vaughn's "Kick-Ass" this weekend, they'll leave the theater begging for another ass-kicking courtesy of the characters created by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

While another "Kick-Ass" outing isn't immediately on the horizon just yet, our esteemed Splash Page Guest Editor has the next best thing to satisfy your "Kick-Ass" fix — reading recommendations!

Once you've regained consciousness from the roundhouse kick of awesome that "Kick-Ass" is sure to deliver, Millar recommends the following comic book reading experiences to keep your "Kick-Ass" cravings satisfied.

1. Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's "Nemesis"

MILLAR: "Nemesis" just came out a couple of weeks ago; that's my new thing now that "Kick-Ass" is finished. Steve McNiven and I did this amazing book, which is kind of a reverse Batman — what if Batman was a bad guy?

Imagine you're a Tony Stark figure or a Bruce Wayne figure who's a billionaire, but instead of being the guy who looks after the city, you're the city's worst nightmare. You're a billionaire anarchist who is out there causing trouble, and the police are trying to defend the people from you. You've got a costume, you've got a plane, you've got a thousand cars — you've got billions of dollars to spend hurting people!

2. Garth Ennis' "The Boys," "Preacher" and "Punisher: MAX"

MILLAR: I would recommend anything by Garth Ennis, who I think is by far the best writer in comics. He does a book called "The Boys" that I love. Garth's an amazing writer. "Preacher" was amazing. "Punisher: MAX," which he did for a couple of years, was absolutely brilliant. I would recommend anything by Garth.

The current writer of "Punisher: MAX" is Jason Aaron, and I just started reading his "Punisher" a few weeks back and I absolutely adore it — it's brilliant.

3. Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead"

MILLAR: The other book I'd recommend is "The Walking Dead" by Robert Kirkman, by far his best work. It's about what would happen after a zombie attack — how would humanity continue?

It sounds like such an obvious idea, but no one has ever done anything like it. It's not really about the zombies attacking — it's about how you feed your family after the zombies have attacked. How do you find a bathroom? How do you eat? All these normal things, like fixing a light that's broken when you can't just call an electrician.

It's being turned into an American TV show with Frank Darabont directing.

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