Jeffrey Dean Morgan Uncertain Where 'Lobo' Movie Stands, Hasn't Discussed Film With Producers

Late last year, "The Losers" actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan took comic fans by surprise when he mentioned DC's cigar-chomping bounty hunter, Lobo, as one of the characters he'd like to play on the big screen.

At the time, "Sherlock Holmes" director Guy Ritchie had been tagged to direct a live-action film based on the ultraviolent character, and producer Joel Silver revealed that test footage had been filmed for the project. However, much has changed in a few months, with Morgan backing off his campaign for the role, and Ritchie leaving for a "Holmes" sequel.

MTV News caught up with Morgan to find out where things stand, and if he's still interested playing the vicious, chain-wielding, motorcycle-riding bad-ass of the DC Universe.

"I got nothing on 'Lobo,'" said Morgan "I don't know where that stands in the world of filmmaking at this point. I know they were talking about doing some tests early on, but I don't know where it stands now."

As to whether he met with anyone regarding the project, Morgan said it never moved that far along.

"I've never actually had an real discussions with Joel [Silver] or Warner Bros. about it," he said.

However, with Silver indicating that a "Lobo" movie will likely follow "The Losers," there's still reason to believe the character will make his big-screen debut at some point in the near future — and that Morgan might be a contender for the title role.

What do you think about a "Lobo" movie — possibly with Morgan in the lead role? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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