Mark Millar Welcomes You To 'Kick-Ass' Week On MTV Splash Page!

Mark MillarYou know what the world needs a little more of? Hype for the "Kick-Ass" movie. Hell, I know there's other stuff going on in the world like the economic crisis, government elections here in the UK, and all that... blah blah blah. But I feel what the man in the street is really talking about is Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman's adaptation of the comic-book I created with the brilliant John Romita Jr.

Listen in to any American family talking around the dinner table, any bar you walk into right now, any pillow talk between lovers, and you'll only hear an excited back and forth about the sheer awesomeness of Chloe Moretz's performance as Hit-Girl. Eavesdrop at a bus-stop, and I bet you dollars for dimes even people who've never met before are discussing Aaron Johnston's charming and sympathetic portrayal of the titular character.

Why? Because this is more important than jobs, taxes, interest rates and all that stuff I click past to read our reviews. This is what really matters, and with that in mind I am proud to announce that the brilliant MTV Splash Page is doing a "Kick-Ass" movie week and has installed me as their Guest Editor.

I've lived and breathed comics since I was three or four years old. Weirdly, it's how I learned to read — so things like Batman hammering the Joker's face into a wall is how I'd slowly and methodically sound out words while the rest of you were doing those "Dick and Jane" books. Thank you, Mum and Dad!

That said, these funny-books I love so much have no pull with friends and family. Newsarama, Comic Book Resources and all the websites I've been splashed across since I got my big break with "The Authority" in March 2000 mean little to all those crazy non-comic readers on my life. When they Google me their eyes glaze over. No matter what I give them (Alan Moore, Frank Miller, "Walking Dead," "30 Days of Night"), they still think comics aren't cool.

But MTV Splash Page changed all that with the immortal email from my brother a year or so back, proclaiming, and I quote, "They're talking about you on some MTV site. Does this mean you actually have a kind of job?"

So thank you, MTV Splash Page, for giving me some credibility with my family. Thank you for pushing us a little further into mainstream and hitting the hearts, minds and wallets of everyone who thought comics stopped being published in 1994. Thanks for getting behind "Kick-Ass" as much as you have in our two- or three-year journey from something in my head to something I'm seeing on billboards in every city I'm visiting on this promotional tour.

Matthew and Jane have done a brilliant job. Johnny and I could not be happier. I hope the readers can put up with another few days of pure indulgence as I talk, talk and talk again about the movie, the movies behind the movie, the comics I'm reading and want you to read plus lots of exciting, behind-the-scenes tidbits on everything from Easter Eggs in the movie to what Vaughn and I are planning next.

As I write these words, the movie has opened in the UK and opened big. We're getting so many five-star reviews I genuinely balked when reading the newspaper with my daughter last week and found someone who had only given us four stars. I've been spoiled.

Now it's time for you to get spoiled. Go see "Kick-Ass" so Matthew Vaughn doesn't look silly for raising all that money for something he loved.

Your Pal,

Mark Millar

Glasgow, Scotland

Keep it locked to Splash Page all week for more "Kick-Ass" news, interviews, features and exclusive info from "Kick-Ass" co-creator Mark Millar, our Guest Editor for the week!