Brandon Routh Is Not In 'The Walking Dead'

Brandon RouthContrary to recent reports, "Superman Returns" star Brandon Routh won't be fending off "The Walking Dead."

Over the weekend, Bloody Disgusting reported that Routh would have a role on the AMC television show based on Robert Kirkman's Image Comics series. But the official site for the actor has decisively debunked the rumor with an announcement on Twitter.

"Sorry guys," reports the site. "Brandon Routh is not aboard 'The Walking Dead.'"

It's not surprising that Routh's casting isn't panning out. For one, Bloody Disgusting previously reported the erroneous news that Jonny Lee Miller would star as Rick Grimes in Frank Darabont's adaptation, but the role eventually went to Andrew Lincoln.

Additionally, there were few characters left for Routh to play — not only are Rick's shoes filled, but the role of his police partner Shane is occupied by the previously cast Jon Bernthal. I speculated that Routh could take on the role of Allen, a father of two twin boys who suffers from panic attacks following a close personal tragedy. But even that casting felt a bit forced, as the character is quite minor compared to the roles Routh is used to playing.

"The Walking Dead" is set to begin filming in May with location scouting already underway, according to Kirkman himself.

"Just touched down in Atlanta," he wrote on Twitter this morning. "Visiting with Darabont, [Gale Anne] Hurd and Atlanta crew during location scouting. Maybe taking my first helicopter ride."

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