ADAPT THIS: 'Kick-Ass' Week Editor Mark Millar Casts The 'American Jesus' Movie!

American JesusEDITOR'S NOTE: It's "Kick-Ass" Week here on Splash Page, and we've recruited Guest Editor Mark Millar to pick this week's "Adapt This" selection. He chose the only one of his creator-owned books not currently in development as a feature film, and suggested the cast, filmmaker and direction he'd like to see the adaptation take.

THE STORY: "American Jesus" by Mark Millar (W) and Peter Gross (A) - Dark Horse Comics/Image Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: A 12-year-old boy is faced with the revelation that he is Jesus Christ, the returned lord and savior of man. In light of this discovery, he's forced to deal with all the miracles, responsibility and baggage that comes with being the new Messiah.

MARK MILLAR SAYS: "If I had to pick one of my own, the only comic of mine that isn’t in development right now is 'American Jesus.' We’ve talked about it, we’ve come very close to doing it as a movie, but at the last minute studios have bolted because it has Jesus in it.

A studio exec once said to me, 'I love this book. We really want to make it a movie, and we will get you a great director. There’s only one problem — can you take Jesus out of it?'

I told them it’s all about the return of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century. If I take Jesus out, then it’s nothing. They asked if I could call him 'Jim' or something like that, and I said, 'No — it’s about Jesus.'"

HIS "AMERICAN JESUS" DREAM TEAM: "What I would love is to have Danny Boyle directing. As a fellow Catholic, I think he would be perfect for doing 'American Jesus.' I’d love it to be produced by Mel Gibson, so he could protect us from the studios and make it independently with his own money, and have it star Mickey Rourke as Jesus.

Mickey Rourke will become Jesus of the 21st century in New York, directed by Danny Boyle. I’d pay to go see that."

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