Mark Millar Is Your 'Kick-Ass' Guest Editor This Week On MTV's Splash Page!

Mark MillarIn 2003, writer Mark Millar gave us the story of a cubicle jockey who becomes the world's greatest assassin in "Wanted."

In 2006, he pitted Captain America, Iron Man and the rest of Marvel's greatest heroes against each other in a "Civil War" that rocked the publisher's universe.

And in 2008, he brought us "Kick-Ass" — the story of high-school slacker Dave Lizewski and his quest to become the world's first superhero, even if he gets beaten senseless along the way.

Now, the celebrated comic book creator is your Guest Editor here on Splash Page for "Kick-Ass" Week — and what a week it's going to be!

Director Matthew Vaughn's live-action adaptation of Millar and John Romita Jr.'s "Kick-Ass" receives its wide release in theaters this Friday (April 16), and with the film already receiving high praise from critics and fans alike, we're bringing you a week-long look at the film's origins and the author who first conceived of the teenage hero with no superpowers to speak of — except an unwillingness to give up.

Throughout the week, "Kick-Ass" co-creator Mark Millar will tell you about the movies that inspired him to create the comic, the comics-friendly secrets and cameos to look out for in the film, and which of his comics projects he'd like to see on the big screen next. We'll also bring you some exclusive news about where a "Kick-Ass" sequel would take Hit-Girl, Red Mist and the rest of the characters.

In his own words, Millar will be your guide to all things "Kick-Ass" and beyond, including a list of books you might want to check out after "Kick-Ass," and a massive amount of video interviews with the cast and director of the film.

As if that wasn't enough, we'll also be offering up a heap of ridiculously cool "Kick-Ass" swag in a very special contest that begins later today — so keep it locked to Splash Page, "Kick-Ass" fans!