Gilbert Hernandez On 'High Soft Lisp' Collection, 'Palomar' And 'Love And Rockets' Adaptations

High Soft LispGilbert Hernandez' "High Soft Lisp" hits shelves later this month from Fantagraphics Books, and our sister blog MTV Tr3s caught up with the celebrated "Love and Rockets" co-creator to get some info on the book and its origins. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

MTV Tr3s: When are we going to see a Love and Rockets story on the big screen? What about an animated series?

Hernandez: That's something I'd like to see, but I haven't met anyone who is capable of translating my characters to film. There is interest in a Palomar film, but I can't discuss anything about it yet.

MTV Tr3s: Fritz is pretty atypical (in relation to mainstream portrayal of Latinas/Chicanas). She’s bisexual, into punk music and sci-fi. Was she inspired by a specific woman in your life?

Hernandez: Not really. She's in part a combination of situations I've seen women in, but she's mostly made up of character. The trick is to make a character seem like they're real.

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