Nicolas Cage Explains How 1960s Batman Helped His 'Kick-Ass' Character 'Get The Job Done'

"Kick-Ass" arrives in theaters April 16, offering up a cast of comics-inspired heroes who are decidedly different from Iron Man, Batman and the rest of their big-screen counterparts.

Still, when MTV News asked Nicolas Cage about his character's costume and the obvious inspiration it takes from a certain Gotham vigilante, the actor said his comics-friendly predecessors in Hollywood weren't far from his mind. In fact, his character used them as a tool when bringing down the bad guys.

"When Damon [Macready] is in his Big Daddy mode, that uniform is like his homage to the early Batman — not 'Dark Knight,' but older, like Adam West-style," he explained.

In fact, when Big Daddy makes his screen debut, fans of the campy 1960s "Batman" television series will probably notice something familiar in his way of speaking.

"That was the homage," said Cage. "Adam West would've been the Batman that he grew up with. That would be the Batman that would help him get the job done."

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