SECRET IDENTITY: Who Should Emily Blunt Play In A Comic Book Movie?

First, Emily Blunt missed out on playing Black Widow in "Iron Man 2," with the role eventually going to Scarlett Johansson. Now, she's passing on yet another Marvel Comics opportunity, this time as Peggy Carter in "The First Avenger: Captain America." Rumors are circulating that Blunt made this move in order to pursue Catwoman in "Batman 3," but the question remains — what if that role eludes her as well?

As a fan of Blunt's work, I think the actress is perfectly suited for a wide variety of comic book characters, even if she hasn't found the right role just yet. Assuming she's still interested in powering up for a comic book role, these five characters just might do the trick.

CATWOMAN: Let's get this cat out of the bag first and foremost — Emily Blunt would be a fantastic Catwoman. As I mentioned in a previous Secret Identity column, Blunt has an icy intensity that could work wonders within Christopher Nolan's gritty Gotham City. If she truly is chasing down the role of Selina Kyle in a third "Batman" movie as is rumored, there's no question in my mind that she would be perfect for the role.

MARIA HILL: Although Blunt missed out on two Marvel Comics roles, there are plenty of other characters for her to play within that universe — including Maria Hill, an uptight S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who briefly served as the agency's director. Hill's initially cold exterior has thawed over time, thanks in large to Matt Fraction's handling of the character in "Invincible Iron Man." Blunt is perfectly suited for such a transition, all while enjoying more than a few scenes on the battlefield.

MS. MARVEL: In terms of super-powered heroes, I think Blunt would make for an amazing Ms. Marvel. The actress has all of the toughness you would want out of Carol Danvers, but also an unexpected degree of playfulness that would surprise both audiences as well as the character herself. Beyond Danvers, Blunt would actually make for a terrific Karla Sofen, the supervillain currently posing as Ms. Marvel in the Marvel Universe.

POISON IVY: Selina Kyle isn't the only Gotham City villainess that Blunt could portray with ease. I would love to see her take on Pamela Isley, though it's worth pointing out that a super-powered Poison Ivy isn't likely to exist in Nolan's current "Batman" saga. Still, Blunt's disarming gaze and her stunning physique make her a natural fit for the seductive Ivy — if the character ever recovers from her "Batman & Robin" public image disaster, that is!

WHITE QUEEN: Emma Frost — friend or foe? That's the central question that makes the enigmatic White Queen so compelling, and it's the exact type of challenge that Blunt could knock out of the park. Already physically perfect for the part aside from the hair, easily fixed with a good dye job, Blunt could make for a very entertaining Frost in an upcoming "X-Men" film, particularly opposite James Marsden's Cyclops — assuming that Scott can make it back from the great beyond, of course.

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