Ben Templesmith To Announce Halo-8 Illustrated Film Project At C2E2

Choker - Ben TemplesmithMotion comics like the one that DC created for "Watchmen" and the original Spider-Woman production that Marvel put together drew a lot of attention to a digital branch of comics-inspired entertainment. Halo-8 Entertainment has taken that genre into an expanded form that the studio calls "illustrated film," and they've informed Splash Page that popular comics creator Ben Templesmith will step on board for a potential announcement next week week at C2E2.

"When I first discovered Halo-8 and their approach to entertainment, I knew I'd found a kindred spirit," said "Hack/Slash" creator Tim Seeley in an official statement. An adaptation of Seeley's "Loaded Bible: Blood of Christ" comic is already in production at Halo-8.

"They make the kinds of films they want, they don't answer to a major studio, and they know how to use technology and make it work for them," he added.

Best known for co-creating Steve Niles' "30 Days of Night" comics, Templesmith also has a number of creator-owned projects in his portfolio, including "Welcome to Hoxford," "Choker," which he co-created with Ben McCool and "Fell," which he conceived of with Warren Ellis. Halo-8's announcement doesn't specify what Templesmith will bring to the table at their Chicago panel, but their press release does explicitly state that "his involvement implies a major new announcement will take place."

Producer F.J. DeSanto of "The Spirit" and "The Shadow" will be at the panel, as will Seeley and "Godkiller" creator Matt Pizzolo. Templesmith's art can be shocking enough while it's sitting still; it should be worth a peek into the room if they put his gurgles and splatters in motion.

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