Which 'Human Target' Mystery Is Mark Valley Dying To Know More About?

Only one episode remains before the season finale of "Human Target," but there's still no shortage of mysteries surrounding Christopher Chance.

When series star Mark Valley dropped by Splash Page HQ, we had to find out which aspects of his character he's dying to know more about.

"I'm really curious to know a little bit more about his past, but honestly, I'm really excited about every next episode that comes in," Valley told MTV News. "Every episode I pick up, it's like getting a new comic book."

"Our writing team is so imaginative and fantastic, and they're just this great group of geeks who love every action film that's ever been made and are really into comic books and the mythologies of this character," he said. "So I just look forward to it from script to script."

The next episode of "Human Target" airs tonight (Wednesday) at 8 PM EST on Fox.

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