Mark Strong Hints At Sinestro's Look And Inspiration In 'Green Lantern'

Mark StrongEarlier this year, word broke that Mark Strong would appear as Sinestro in director Martin Campbell's "Green Lantern" opposite Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. And while Strong has recently appeared in villainous roles in "Sherlock Holmes" and the upcoming "Kick-Ass" movie, his version of Sinestro will stay true to the initial heroic qualities of the character.

“For anybody who’s familiar with the 'Green Lantern' and the origin story, the film closely follows the early comics," stated Strong during an interview with USA Today. "Sinestro starts out as Hal Jordan’s mentor, slightly suspicious and not sure of him because obviously Hal is the first human being who’s made into a Green Lantern. He’s certainly very strict and certainly unsure of the wisdom of Hal becoming a Green Lantern.”

“He is a military guy but isn’t immediately bad," continued Strong. "It’s the kind of person he is that lends himself to becoming bad over the course of the comics being written, but initially he’s quite a heroic figure.”

Sinestro was created in 1961 by John Broome and Gil Kane as an adversary for Hal Jordan. According to Strong, the relationship between Sinestro and Jordan is based in part on the actors who inspired their creation.

“That widow’s peak and thin mustache was for some reason originally based on David Niven, and Hal Jordan was based on Errol Flynn,” said Strong. “In the ‘30s and ‘40s, they shared an apartment together in Hollywood when they were making movies and they were great friends. Obviously at the time, whoever was doing the original comics must have looked at them as guys doing very well in the film industry, and based those characters on them. So I would like to do justice to the Sinestro that was conceived for the comic books.”

Strong also revealed that he will report to the "Green Lantern" set in June, following the completion of his part in "John Carter of Mars." He was also recently fitted with special contact lenses for Sinestro's eyes.

"Green Lantern" will fly into theaters on June 17, 2011.

Should Sinestro be used as a villain in the second "Green Lantern" movie? What are your thoughts on Strong's interpretation of the character? Unleash your power rings and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!