'Cowboys & Aliens' Casting, Duke's Win Over Butler, And The New 'Doctor Who' In Today's Twitter Report

Doctor WhoIf you expected Jon Favreau to take a break from Twitter after wrapping "Iron Man 2," think again. He's already moved on to "Cowboys & Aliens" work, and new casting info may be on the way soon.

Duke trended in comics universe tweeting last night, and their win over Butler in the NCAA men's basketball finals earned a lot of begrudging praise. One writer offered his congratulations without a grudge, though. You can find out who after the jump. There, you can also check out an evaluation of the first full Matt Smith "Doctor Who" episode, some incredible Freddie E. Williams II artwork and continuing reactions to Marvel and the iPad.

It's all in the Twitter Report for April 6, 2010.

"Cowboys and Aliens" pt. 1: @Jon_Favreau A fun day at the Cowboys & Aliens HQ and then stopped by the Lost offices to meet with writer @DamonLindelof

-Jon Favreau, Director ("Iron Man," "Iron Man 2")

"Cowboys and Aliens" pt. 2: @Jon_Favreau Some very cool Cowboys & Aliens casting news coming soon...

@westonfront Gave the new Doctor Who a chance. Still don't like it. Too much lame humour and poor characterisation. Quite liked Smith, though.

-Chris Weston, Artist ("The Authority," "The Filth")

@Freddieart http://twitpic.com/1dmuki - Freddie E Williams II, drawing the "Robin in the Rain Commission" http://twitpic.com/1d1okf

-Freddie E. Williams II, Artist ("Robin," "Seven Soldiers")

iPad pt. 1: @pvponline Marvel sends creators letter to "stay positive" about iPad app. No word on if creators should stay positive about no royalties from sales.

-Scott Kurtz, Writer/Artist ("PvP")

iPad pt. 2: @JHickman The kindle app is far superior to the iBooks app for research. In book notes for the win!

-Jonathan Hickman, Writer/Artist ("Fantastic Four," "The Nightly News")

Duke vs. Butler pt. 1: @mikechoi Awww... was rooting for David this time because I really wanted to tweet that "The Butler Did It."

-Mike Choi, Artist ("X-Force," "X23: Target X")

Duke vs. Butler pt. 2: @FrankTieri Congrats to Duke. Who I like. Mainly because everyone else hates them. Yes, I am THAT guy.

-Frank Tieri, Writer ("Wolverine," "Iron Man")

Duke vs. Butler pt. 3: @andeparks I never once thought Butler could win that game. Duke gets another trophy... yawn and blech.

-Ande Parks, Writer/Artist ("Green Arrow," "Capote")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@jonrosenberg it is a known fact that it is impossible for the human mind to properly focus on webcomic scripting while waiting for the cable guy.

-Jon Rosenberg, Writer/Artist ("Goats")

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