Zoe Saldana Explains Why Her Character Was 'Softened' For 'The Losers' Movie

When "The Losers" hits theaters later this month, one of the characters I'm most looking forward to seeing on-screen is Aisha, the beautiful, brutal soldier who teams up with the framed Special Ops squad.

Played by "Avatar" actress Zoe Saldana, Aisha plays a role in many of the DC/Vertigo comic book series' most explosive moments and has a nasty habit of leaving bodies in her wake. When we had a chance to chat with Saldana during this weekend's WonderCon, she told us Aisha's tendency toward the extreme required more than a few tweaks to keep the live-action adaptation a PG-13 affair.

"I felt like we were pretty on, but in terms of the tweaking, we just had to sort of soften her," said Saldana, "because she's a very violent and very raw character in the comic."

"She's lethal," she added. "She could at any moment dive over to you and slice your throat and then lick the knife."

In fact, the actress indicated that a scene from the comic very much like the one she described was one of those "softened" to keep the film PG-13.

"There's a picture in one of the volumes where she kills three or four guys with a knife — a big knife — and then she's licking it," said Saldana. "Now, that's pretty awesome, but we needed to keep it PG-13, so there was a lot of polishing that needed to happen, at least for this first one."

From what we've seen of the film from "The Losers" trailer, it looks like Aisha didn't lose too much of her bite — but fans will know for sure when the film hits theaters April 23.

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